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Founder of Holistic View Consulting, is a leading School Psychologist with 10 + years of experience.  She began her career in a charter school located on the upper east side of Manhattan, NY. Shortly after, she transitioned to the district office of NYC Schools. Nine years later, she relocated to the Mid Hudson Valley where she worked as a districtwide, Chairperson. Due to the pandemic, Amber began working from home. She experienced that engaging with families and students virtually, proved to be advantageous. 


Amber furthered her engagement with students and families until birthing Holistic View Consulting.

Certified and Licensed in: NY, CT, NJ, MN & WA.  

HVC is working to expand in new states. 

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 Amber Dorsey, MS. Ed.

​  "My passion is working with and understanding individuals holistically. Children deserve to be properly understood in all aspects of their developing lives. Understanding all components of the child, helps better define who they are as individuals."

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